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By Dima Bakhtin
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Bauhaus Summer School 2019


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Today’s built environment innovators are going to define our world for centuries to come. Shadow Summit is your chance to engage them.

The vision of Shadow Summit is to propel built environment technology to reach its full potential. To achieve that mission, we focus relentlessly on getting the right startups, market leaders, and enterprises in the room, to create the change this industry desperately needs.

Shadow Summit is your chance to engage with the startups, market leaders, and enterprises redefining the built environment and our world for centuries to come. Over two days you will be immersed in the latest solutions, innovations and best practices in AEC, CRE and beyond, carefully curated to give you the unfair advantage.

Positive Collisions

From smart cities to artificial intelligence and blockchain, Shadow Summit attracts leading experts from across AEC and CRE. So what draws worldwide excellence to a mid-size city in the Southeast? The rare opportunity to spend two days with fellow built technology leaders, without the distraction of the day-to-day.

An Unfair Advantage

Shadow Summits serve as the nucleus of a highly diverse ecosystem. The typical industry conference includes only a panel or two on technology. And the average technology conference rarely even mentions AEC or CRE. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a rare and exclusive focus on the intersection of technology and the built world.