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By Dima Bakhtin
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The project was initiated by the head of the institution Sergey Petrovich Gorishchak. Project has been completed and is running successfully. We are already working on the second branch. This is a great and valuable work for our city. We do it charitably with the hope of big changes, even if steps are small.

Task: To create a new image of the government agency. Attractive for children and pleasant for the city. To develop an up-to-date zoning scheme and scenarios for working with patients. Solution: Complete renovation from identity to energy efficiency. The first step was to agree new zoning and planning solutions. Maximum separation of the flows of patients, infants, staff. Separate emphasis on creating an inclusive environment. The design is as neutral as possible, childish. With interactive elements to divert the attention of the child from the procedure. The main idea is to cheer up patients and distract children from their worries, to change the stereotype of child visiting a medical institution. In addition to working inside the courtyard, was developed a universal playground of an inclusive environment , agreed fencing, increased parking and landscaping density.